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CX Series Single Piece Semi-auto Stitching Machine
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CX Series Single Piece Semi-auto Stitching Machine

CX Series Single Piece Semi-auto Stitching Machine

 Standard configuration:

1.Delta PLC control system.

2.All bearing use the domestic well-know brands, unless seat belt bearing.

3.CHINT switch, travel switch, South Korea limit switch, Taiwan electromagnetic clutch, CHINT contactor.

4.The whole group of Stud used in Japanese imported mold steel to make, CNC precision machining.

5.Nailhead blade and bed die use the German tungsten steel production(Abrasion).

6.Servo motors are the Delta motor.

 Use and Characteristics:

1. Single, double and strengthened nail are available.

2. Nailing from 30-120mm, auto-calculated; Servo motor controls the nailing from by Delta, Japan.

3. 5.7-in HD color touch screen by Eview, Taiwan

4. PLC system and electrical devices by Siemens, Germany; Photo-electricity switch and limit switch by AUTONICS, Korea, high quality assured; the motor and the reducer are made in Taiwan.

5. The reamer of pinhead is made by tungsten steel of Germany. Machining is exactitude by special heat-treatment and numerical control system.

6. All of bearing are made by Brand of Germany.

7. Full electrical controlled and it can be changed the size in one min and handle easily without the relevant experience.

8. Nailing Speed: 400 nails/min

9. Number of Nails: 1-99

10. Automatic counter in the latter part; deliver paper boxes in lot as set for strapping.

11. Total Power: 6KW

12. Paper height: 900mm

13. Dimensions: 2360x4500x1900mm

14. For Cardboard: 3/5 layers corrugated paper

15. Wire Size: 17# Flat Yarn(2.0x0.75)